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Schedule Manager

Set an order of priority for assigned tasks with notifications and due dates

Board of Fame Employee Recognition

Send morale skyrocketing by highlighting performance showing progress with levels of badges

Easy-to-use Task Manager

Instantly delegate the task by turning conversations into actions

Customizable Dashboard Display

A cloud-based visual dashboard you can customize depending on task and goal priority

Multiple Search Filters

Quickly find what you are looking for

Selective Notification

Choose topics you care about and throw away clutter & noise

White Labeling Social Collaboration

Build brand visibility and widen customer reach with visual & interactive bulletin board

AI Chatbots

Automate customer service to immediately reply to customer queries even when everyone is busy


Boost sales with targeted audience in Community Marketplace

How it works

Get your team on the same board!

Create a visual interactive bulletin board with collaboration tools for your group's organized communication. Experience deeper engagement among team members!

Keep group conversations relevant and focused!

To keep discussions organized and on-topic, group creator can assign admins to arrange posts by categories and manage members' access and roles.

Make FOMO (fear of missing out) a thing of the past!

Stop chaos and noise in your board by categorizing everyone's posts and contents by topics. You can customize your dashboard's display settings to view or read what's only important to you!

Shh! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

That's right, there are just some things that the world doesn't need to know. BoardSpeak allows you to set some topics in a private mode that only select members can view.

Track your messages & customize your notifications!

You don't have to be 007 or the CIA just to know if your messages were received. Efficiently track messages if they were read or acted upon. Get notified only on topics and posts that are important to you.

No more excuses just checked boxes!

There's no "I" in team! Accomplishing tasks doesn't have to be a one man show. Team members can readily create and view assigned tasks in their respective dashboards and calendar.

Why BoardSpeak

Are you still using email and group chat for team collaboration?

Are you looking for a better way to organize and search for important information within your group conversations?

Are you using enterprise collaboration tools and wished that it was more user-friendly to convince more team members to join in and stay active?

Fret not. BoardSpeak is here. And its absolutely FREE! There's no limit in the number of members. You only pay for the more advanced features that you will actually use. With enhanced admin controls, it gives you freedom of choice, to filter what you only want to read, without the rest!

BoardSpeak is also ideal for virtual community collaboration. Collaboration that builds personal relationships with real life interaction, where you get to know the people in your own town, become friends, create partnerships and share resources.

Built by people who simply want more out of LIFE!

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